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Engines cannot be shipped via carriers such as UPS or Fedex because of their size and weight.

We can ship your engine in two ways:

Via overland carrier (truck) to a freight terminal near you.  You will arrange for pickup of your engine directly with the carrier upon arrival.

This option provides the lowest cost for shipping.

Via overland carrier (truck) directly to your door.  This option is not available in all parts of the country.  The carrier will remove the engine from their truck only, so you will need to provide the labor to move the engine from the drop-off point to wherever you need it housed.

We carefully package all engines for shipping.  All engines are placed on crates, palletized and padded for their protection during transit.  All engines are shipped fully insured without exception.

Insurance claims for engines damaged in transit have to be handled and submitted directly by customers.  We will assist you in this process as much as we can.  We've never lost or had an engine damaged.  When submitting your claim make certain that you claim the additional freight expense for the returning the engine to us, and for us shipping the engine back to you.

If you would like a quote for shipping, please click on the "Request for Information" link to the left.

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