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All engine purchases/sales are final.  We do not offer refunds on engines or shipping expenses.

We provide exchanges only.    Specifically,

  1. If we make a mistake such as shipping you a engine different than what you ordered, i.e. you ordered a 305ci and we shipped you a 350ci, we will exchange that engine at no cost to you.  You will not have to pay for any return shipping expenses.  This has never happened, but you are covered - just in case.

  2. If an engine is damaged in transit to you (see Shipping, above) we will exchange the engine at no charge, excluding freight fees.

  3. Engines that have been installed cannot be exchanged.  Any installed engine is covered by our comprehensive Warranty (please click above).

  4. Engines that have not been installed can be exchanged for an "upgraded" engine, i.e. larger displacement, high performance, etc.  Customer is responsible for any shipping expenses, labor expenses, core expenses, etc., resultant of the upgrade.

  5. If you need to return an engine for any reason, you must contact us before shipping the unit and obtain our specific authorization.  We cannot accept any engine returns without our prior approval.

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